At Rothmech we aspire to create robust designs that allow fabricators to concentrate on their work rather than expending time and resources on interpretations.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our designs and proficiency with best-in-class tools and technologies. Our drive to continually be improving gives us the motivation and reputation of delivering high-quality, custom designs for our clients. Our flair for fleshing out ideas and attention to detail will bring your next project into fruition sooner than you think! Check out our recent projects.

Cynertia Electric & Control approached Rothmech to aid in the design and modeling of their new small dose bottling line product. 


The machine is able to air wash, fill, cap, label & verify 6000 bottles an hour. Utilizing dual washing and filling lines as well as double starwheel stations for each action, the resulting footprint is very compact for the throughput.


The mechanical design of the entire machine is fully modeled in Autodesk Inventor 3D parametric CAD software. 


With over 600 unique parts including sheet metal, CNC machined, metal lathed, aluminum extrusions, purchased drive systems & fasteners as well as over a 100 sub-assemblies this is the largest and most complex project Rothmech has taken on to date.

A model was made for 3D printing a prototype of a plastic part to verify fit before mold making.

By adjusting a few key parameters the model & drawings of this bi-fold door design automatically update.


A BOM with cut lengths is also produced.

Model & detail a welded hopper bottom for a 27′ Diameter grain bin.

Local gym equipment start-up Total Body Fitness sought out Rothmech Design and Drafting to model and modify two of their machines in CAD

We revised the designs to improve functionality, packageability, and manufacturability.

Fabrication drawing sets were delivered as well as 3D model renderings for marketing.

An as-built drawing set for a process tank was required. After a quick site visit to gather information a model was created, and drawing submitted the following day.

An industrial paper had a mechanical switch timing cam crack and fail. The unit had long been discontinued and the manufacturer no longer supplied replacement parts. A reverse engineered replacement would be required. The original was measured, and replicated in a CAD 3D model. The client decided that instead of reproducing the part exactly through costly machining process it would be easier to use a 3D printed version instead. A simplified model suitable for 3D printing was created using the governing dimensions of the original. A sintered nylon material was selected for its wear properties and cost. The printed part worked perfectly as a replacement and the machine was back in service within a week.

A bearing holder had been manufactured for a process critical piece of equipment, but there were no drawings of it for prosperity and documentation requirements. Rothmech was contracted to provide a drawing set that would allow a replacement to be fabricated on short notice if required. A drawing was developed that specified the raw stock, purchased components, machining requirements and tolerances, welding details and a fully defined Bill of Materials.

A mobile cart for a clean in place (CIP) system was needed with the special requirement of being very compact. With all of the system components chosen and modeled, a design was achieved where the use of space allowed for a minimal footprint while also being very functional. Modeling every component not only serves as a great visual aid it ensures that there are no fitment oversights.

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